Dan Rasband


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This past weekend was labor day weekend. We had a lot going on on Saturday (a nephew’s birthday and a sister-in-law’s baby shower that my wife helped prepare), so we didn’t head out on vacation until Sunday afternoon. My parents have a trailer and a boat that they keep up at Flaming Gorge, so we tagged along with them and did some boating and camping.

In the past, I’ve often tried to take something with me to read or study or work on. I’ve since realized that doing so is 1) futile (especially when you have kids) and 2) a bad idea because it defeats the purpose of the vacation. This time around I just played with the kids, talked with my family, ate marshmallows, and otherwise enjoyed the time I had there. It’s hard for me to relax like that, but it really helps me loosen up and gets rid of a lot of my life’s stresses.