Dan Rasband

Writer's Block

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It’s been interesting for me to work on this blog. I postponed writing a blog for ages because I couldn’t think of anything to write. Then I just sat down and decided I had to write something every day that I came to “The Dungeon”, which equates to every work day. Somehow, having a rule allowed my mind to break through all of its inhibitions and distractions and discouragements about writing so that I could just write. I know very well that my writing isn’t perfect, and that my topics aren’t really focused, but a lot of times it just doesn’t matter.

I think the same principle can apply to starting your own business, learning to play an instrument, or really learning anything. Consistency has power. Even Jerry Seinfield’s, a seeming comic genius, relies on consistency to improve his skills.

This morning I almost gave up on writing an article. But then I remembered that I need to be consistent, above all else, so I wrote this. Sucky article, I know, but it’s helping me to be a better writer and a better blogger, and it’s giving me more consistency in my life that will hopefully roll over into other areas.